MW2 Stimulus Package now live on PS3 and PC

06 May 10

Microsoft's exclusivity period has ended and Modern Warfare 2's first downloadable content pack – the Stimulus Package – is now available for both PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game.

The DLC brings five new maps to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component, two of which are remakes of popular multiplayer battlegrounds from the original Modern Warfare. In celebration of the Stimulus Package’s release some 30 days after Xbox 360 gamers first enjoyed the luxury, developer Infinity Ward is holding a double-experience week from today until May 10th.

The Stimulus Package can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network and Steam for NZ$27.50.

Update: An Activision executive has confirmed that a second map pack for Modern Warfare 2 will be available for download in the second half of this year. Full story here.

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