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N+ – Xbox Live Arcade

When you see a game that’s simply entitled ‘N+’ you are automatically intrigued. I know I was. What on earth is N+? As far as I can ascertain, the ‘N’ in ‘N+’ stands for Ninja’s and the ‘+’ sign is self-explanatory. N+ is a game all about ninja’s but not in the way you would expect. We’re not talking Ninja Gaiden here.

The game revolves around ninja and evil machines that try to kill you. That’s all there is to this game. Yet in its simplicity, the game is extremely addictive. The ‘ragdoll’ physics used in N+ adds an extremely light-hearted feel to it, making N+ both exciting and adventurous as you stealthily jump, run, and glide your way around the evil bots.

Things start to get extremely challenging when you’re faced with impossible ledges to manoeuvre your ninja around as well as robots that launch a never-ending stream of missiles in your general direction. As you can guess, the object of the game is to ensure you reach the exit safely without being splattered all over the map!
N+ is extremely reminiscent of many of the older platform games that were simple in nature but had the capacity to draw you in and keep you interested for hours on end. With over 300 levels to beat and a level editor that allows you to create your own levels of destruction, you’ll find hours of replayability, especially with the coop option for up to four players.

N+ is proof that you don’t need to have the graphical output of a game like Halo 3 or Mass Effect to make it fun and interesting to play. And with the simple game mechanics, anyone in the family can play it, regardless of their skill level. N+ has the flexibility to be as challenging as you need it to be. Each level increases in difficulty and changes every time so no two levels are ever the same.

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