N4L double hitter at HiTech Awards

26 Mar 15

Network For Learning has today announced it is a finalist for two HiTech Awards.

The N4L Managed Network has been recogniszed for success with the public sector, being named as finalist for Best Public Sector Technology Solution. 

The N4L Pond digital hub has been named as a finalist for Innovative Initiative. 

The Managed Network, which was specifically designed for schools, and built to accommodate 800,000+ connections, provides schools fast and predictable internet with uncapped data; web filtering and network security services. 

This includes firewall services, performance monitoring and a full helpdesk support service. Schools are funded for their connection packages.

More than half a million students and teachers across New Zealand are now using N4L’s Managed Network to support their learning, with schools continuing to connect to the government-funded service well ahead of schedule. 

Pond, the Crown company’s digital hub was especially designed for teachers to discover and share content, and connect with their peers. 

With 6000+ teachers and 300+ organisations now using Pond, N4L says the online learning environment is building momentum, with new features and functionality introduced regularly. 

All of Pond’s content is curated by its user community. Its design is image-rich and intuitive, and often described as a mashup of TripAdvisor, Facebook and Pinterest, combining the best features of these sites as well as other emerging web trends. 

One of Pond’s key features is a sophisticated search function allowing teachers to more easily find the appropriate learning materials that are not always easy to find using publicly accessible search engines, or may not be otherwise available.

N4L CEO John Hanna credits the collaborative and tailored approach to the success of the both projects to date: “It is really humbling to be part of a company that’s about building technology that is making a difference to our young people,” Hanna says. “I give credit to the N4L team, the schools, the government and other organisations we work closely with - across the education and technology sectors - who are working to bring 21st century technologies to our schools.”

He continues, “We can see schools of all sizes all over the country using the Managed Network and Pond to discover new resources, open doors to new learning opportunities. 
“The reaction from schools to the work we are doing to support them on their digital learning journey is overwhelmingly positive and being named a finalist today is exciting.” 

Winners of the Hi-Tech awards will be announced at a ceremony in Wellington on 15 May.

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