10 Nov 2014
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Navdy releases futuristic driving tool

By Catherine Knowles

Navdy is a new windscreen technology that makes driving more advanced.

The device sits on your dashboard and the transparent, head-up display (HUD) projects information onto the windscreen of your car so the screen is essentially floating in front of you.

The aim of the invention is to enable users to check messages, answer calls and use their phone while still focusing on the road.

With touchless gestures, users can swipe left to answer a call and right to dismiss a notification. There is voice recognition so users can ask Navdy to compose a new tweet, write a text or call someone in the same way you may use Google Now or Siri.

Each individual can personalise their display, so they choose the apps that are displayed and receive notifications.

Should a user want to take a call while receiving directions to a chosen destination, they will see both the navigation and call screen.

Navdy works with iPhones as well as Android phones, extending the apps already on a phone.

This device has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, internal speaker and microphone with noise cancelling DSP, and OBD-II power and data connection to car computer with optional 12 volt power adapter.

Navdy says it is important to check local regulations and configure Navdy in a way that is applicable with laws.

Shipping in early 2015, Navdy has a starting price of $299. Orders outside of the US will have an additional $10 shipping fee.

To find out more, click here.

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