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New Adobe app Photoshop Camera available now on Android and iOS

Adobe has officially released Adobe Photoshop Camera, a new camera app designed to enable users to add filters and effects to their photos before the image is captured.

Adobe states the new app was created to help everyone, regardless of their photography or photoshop skill level, to take creative and quality images to share online. A preview of the app was launched in November last year.

The app is available for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Included is more than 80 custom filters which can be further customised by the user. Favourites can be saved to be used at any time.

This latest announcement from Adobe comes off the back of the company's recent work on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its products, including rolling out Adobe Sensei, an intelligent layer for the Adobe Experience Platform.

Photoshop Camera was built as a Sensei-first app for Adobe. Sensei is able to identify the subject of the picture - whether it is a portrait, object, food, or scenery - and automatically apply a lens best suited for the image.

Photoshop Camera can be used to edit photos and apply lenses to any photo on a device, no matter what app it was taken with.

Included in the filters are special inclusions such as a set of limited edition filters created by musician Billie Eilish. It is expected that more collaborations and partnership deals will be rolled out over time.

In addition to custom filters, the app brings a range of features including Auto Tone for ‘real life' light without extreme brightness or shadow.

Adobe has also included Content-awareness Recommendations, where the app will automatically apply effects to get the best result based on the style of image, lighting and focus.

Portrait Controls including Bokeh, Face Distance, Face Light and Face Relighting is another key addition. The Face Light feature in Photoshop Camera optimises for lighting, eliminating the appearance of any sharp shadows.

For group selfies, Photoshop Camera recognises where each subject is positioned to reduce distortion. The Bokeh feature enables users to quickly apply blurring effects.

Adobe has also made a note that the app is built for Social. As such, it allows users to capture and share photos to a range of social networks.

Photoshop Camera is free and available on iOS and Android from today. On its owned social sites, Adobe is featuring images tagged with #OnFilter and #photoshopcamera.

This announcement aligns with Adobe's reinforced brand statement and mission of ‘Creativity For All', which focuses on bringing creative tools, including Photoshop, to everyone.

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