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New case study reveals benefits of BYOD collaboration in schools
Tue, 16th Feb 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A recent case study has investigated the benefits of BYOD programmes in classrooms, and how best schools can adapt learning environments to suit the increasingly mobile nature of the tech landscape.

The studies, by global AV company Kramer Electronics, saw the creation of interactive learning hubs to test out the theory of a collaborative classroom using wireless presentation and collaboration tools.

From the case studies, which were devised to support the use of Didactic and Active Learning pedagogies, Kramer Electronics says it became clear that the success of the Collaborative Classrooms was due in large part to the mobile and flexible nature of the classrooms.

“Collaboration is the key to educating the next generation,” explains David Margolin, Kramer Electronic's director of corporate marketing.

“With technology becoming commonplace in the classroom, we have found a way to use that to our advantage in order to create a more engaging and successful learning environment,” he says.

The Collaborative Classroom consisted of three core components: Kramer's K-Touch 3.0 control system, the VIA Collage, and the VIA Connect PRO. The VIA line allows for students and teachers to bring their own devices, share screens, and overall have a more collaborative learning experience. The K-touch is integrated with the VIA Collage giving the teacher complete control over the various learning hubs.

The Collaborative Classrooms were completely BYOD ready, which Kramer Electronics says is particularly advantageous for students, as they can easily integrate their mobile devices, including laptops and smartphones, into the systems.

“This is a natural transition for 21st century students, with BYOD there is a seamless transition between thinking about the course material and putting those thoughts into action,” adds Margolin.