FutureFive NZ - New glow in the dark headphones light the way for pedestrians


New glow in the dark headphones light the way for pedestrians

American headphones company Spark, not to be confused with the New Zealand-based telco, has finished design and development on their first product - glowing laser light headphones.

Spark wanted to combine high-quality sound, fashion and safety when designing these headphones, which glow in rhythm with the music being played by the user.

The headphones, which are made from luminescence wires, give off a soft radiation-free light. Three lighting settings are available, letting the user choose from glowing, flashing or regular non-glow mode.

Users can express themselves while also remaining safe at night when travelling or exercising in public.

“We created Spark Headphones in order to give individuals a way to express themselves while also providing an extra safety feature for them,” says Spark.

“Runners and walkers who are listening to music while exercising are unable to hear their surroundings," the company says.

Looks aside, Spark also wanted to consider comfort and functionality in the design process. The headphones offer ‘exceptional ear comfort’ for a pleasant music listening experience.

The product's play wire which includes a built-in HD microphone to make phone calls, as well as the capability to easily switch songs while on the go.

The batteries of these unique headphones can run on non-glow mode for five hours before requiring charging, and the headphones may be used as normal without a glow afterwards.

As they approach the launch of the product, Spark Headphones has plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to reach out for collaboration and raise funds for the production of the headphones.

Visit the Spark website to learn about the company's revolutionary headphones, and its plans for rewards for supporters.


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