FutureFive NZ - New homepage design increases revenue by 85%

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New homepage design increases revenue by 85%

In this fast moving online industry, things change very quickly and even the best websites need to keep up. That’s why Website developer company, Zeald, recently redesigned their website. When this is done it can be hard to tell if you have made any kind of improvement to your results. You could just guess or you could know for sure by using Split Testing.

Split Testing is the single most effective way to increase the performance of your website. It involves running experiments on landing pages of your website. You have an original page and a duplication of that page with a redesign or content changes. Traffic gets split between the two versions evenly and split testing software tells you how the new page’s conversion rate differed from the original.

It is not only effective, but is also an inexpensive way of making improvements to aspects of your website, using your own customers as a democratic tool to help make decisions. Who better to understand the needs and wants of your customers than your customers!

See how Zeald increased Bolt of Cloth’s revenue by 85% using a new homepage design in a split test.

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