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New iTunes released in time for iPad

iTunes version 9.1 is now available, with expanded Genius features and a new section for books, which will integrate with the iPad. 

The new version allows for greater customisation with Genius, allowing users to rename, rearrange or remove Genius mixes. 

The other big addition is that of the “Books” section, which has replaced the previous section called “Audiobooks”, which will sync with the iPad and iBooks. The audiobooks section has been moved and is now included in the new books section. The new version of iTunes will also sync all other media content – including music, movies and podcasts – with the iPad. 

While the iBooks application and iBookstore aren’t yet included in the iTunes release, they are expected to launch in the US alongside the iPad on April 3rd. 

Gizmodo tested out the new book format and said that iTunes accepts ePub books like Apple previously said it would, though as of now there’s no way to actually read books in iTunes. When users put ePub books in the new version of iTunes they appear along with their cover art and will later sync with the iPad. 

Other e-reader file types, such as PDF and Amazon’s Kindle format, didn’t work in iTunes, but there are certain kinds of software that will convert e-book formats into ePub formats that will work in iTunes and sync with the iPad. 

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