FutureFive NZ - New kid on the block: Gather social media growing fast


New kid on the block: Gather social media growing fast

Social media company, Gather Online, has nearly reached its equity crowd funding goal via NZ based site Equitise and international site Seedrs.

Their social media website ‘Gather’ has reached 96% of its funding goal and has grown faster than social media giant Snapchat. Gather has acquired 30,000 users in the first six months following its launch.

With the introduction of a mobile app, user growth soared with over 12,000 new users signing up in less than a month.

Gather is a new social media platform based on discovery, and allows users to interact with people outside of their usual networks. They participate in time-limited ‘Gathers’ which are based on shared interests, activities or conversation topics.
Each Gather aims to simulate real life encounters by encouraging quick and immediate interaction to keep the conversations alive and moving.

The goal of the platform is to combine the time-sensitive content which brought Snapchat to the forefront of social media, with the personalised and meaningful interactions found on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The company will use the capital raised through crowd funding to implement an AI algorithm that creates a sort of intuitive ecosystem that brings people together based on their shared experiences and interests.

According to Seedrs, most current social media platforms result in a very passive audience, in which users forgo interaction or engagement with 89% of their online connections.

Gather is focused on the social media market, which currently houses 2.1 billion personal accounts. They plan to make their mark with their different style of interaction through Gatherings.

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