New partnership develops gaming for medical education

17 Apr 14

The Media Design School and Medikidz Limited are working together to bring a one-of-a-kind gaming experience to the healthcare sector.

The new partnership will take Medikidz’s superhero team on an adventure through the human body to explore Type 1 Diabetes in a video game. While Medikidz, the world’s first global children’s healthcare brand, brings medical expertise to the project, the Media Design School contributes considerable technical, creative and industry expertise as an award-winning training provider specialising in game development qualification.

“Video games play a huge role in modern entertainment and, due to their interactive nature, they communicate far more effectively than any narrative based media,” Ivan Khmel, Media Design School Game Art Lecturer says.

“Our ultimate goal with this project is to expand understanding beyond those directly affected by various medical conditions and make the information accessible to the wider public.”

A talented group of third year students are working on the project.

“We are all excited to apply our talents beyond the classroom, to a cause that will have a positive impact on a global stage,” student Maxc Teinangaro says. “Games are a perfect platform for engaging people of all ages, and can create experiences that resonate with people.”

“Taking inspiration from the innovative approach to education Medikidz has taken, we aim to create a game that can similarly impart valuable knowledge through the gameplay experience.”

Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair, Medikidz Co-Founder and CEO, says they are thrilled about the prospect of working with the Media Design School.

“Video games are the logical next step for us, as we continue to create our global community of informed young people, and when it comes to the game design, we couldn’t be happier to be working with the School.”

Mike Porter, Media Design School Head of Game Art knows first-hand the difficulties young people and their families can have coming to understand medical diagnoses. Both of his children were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a young age.

“After seeing the work that Medikidz have already done through their incredible comic books, I knew it was something Media Design School could get behind,” he says.

“Through games we have an opportunity to help thousands of people understand very complicated information and, most importantly, help them through a difficult time in their lives.”




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