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New Security Lessons for Youngsters

Hector’s World, the online computer safety site for kids, has produced a new animated interactive online resource and music video about computer security skills.

Aimed at 5-9 year old children, their parents and teachers, the resources offer a foundation of basic computer security skills by introducing young children to concepts like viruses and strong passwords.

Liz Butterfield, Hector’s World Managing Director says, “We believe that young children can be active in their own defence online if we give them the skills and knowledge they need. We know that children even at early primary level are using terms like ‘password’ and ‘downloading’. Yet, without a basic understanding of those concepts children cannot employ simple, proactive strategies to help keep their information secure and protect their computer.

“There is an important link between computer security, privacy and digital citizenship and the best place to start laying this foundation is when children are young.”

The new resources can be viewed at tinyurl.com/23rytw6

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