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Mon, 4th Dec 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

More than 15,000 homes are generating their own electricity across New Zealand as consumers make the most of disruptive technology.

Electricity Authority data shows the total capacity of residential installed generation now produces enough energy to power all homes in the Hauraki District.

Chief Executive Carl Hansen says solar generation has driven much of the growth, but other innovations were also having an impact.

Hansen states, “Almost 3,300 Kiwi homeowners have installed solar panels this year, an increase of more than 10% for the same period in 2016.

“It's timely for us to reflect on these statistics as we celebrate the start of summer today.

Other installed generation includes wind power and small-scale hydro.

The electricity industry is experiencing disruption with a wide-range of new technologies and ways of doing business emerging.

Hansen continues, “In the last year, residential battery storage has started to become a reality in New Zealand.

“Meanwhile, the ‘internet of energy' idea is coming to life and giving consumers the ability to truly control energy use at home.

“We're working hard to ensure there aren't barriers preventing people from taking advantage of these new opportunities.

The Authority is also looking to support consumers in their understanding of where to go if they're considering installing their own power generation.

Hansen concludes, “Today we've released new guidance for people looking to install their own generation.

“We often get questions from consumers who don't understand quite what they've signed up for. This guidance is about making sure all the pros and cons of installing household generation are considered.

“For example, what rates electricity retailers may offer to buy back any additional electricity generated and where to go for more information.” This uptake of clean energy is both beneficial to the individual as well as NZ as a whole.

It showcases the dedication of Kiwis to preserve New Zealand for future generations.