New Uncharted 2 playlists incoming

24 May 10

Naughty Dog plans to mix things up a little online with the introduction of a new playlist called 'The Lab'.

“Next weekend – May 28 to June 1 – we’re introducing a new playlist that will mix things up and maybe, possibly lead to updates or additions to the existing playlists in competitive Matchmaking. We’re calling this playlist The Lab, “ says an update on the devleoper’s website.

The Lab playlist will run “roughly every other weekend for the foreseeable future”.

Here’s the current schedule:

May 28 – June 1
2 vs. 2 Team Deathmatch
Grab a partner for this small- to medium-size map mow-down. You’ve got 15 minutes to rack up 25 kills, or more than the other team, to prove your small-team superiority. I’m going to recommend now that you’re going to want pick a reliable teammate you want to play with over the weekend…

June 11 – 14
Shotguns Only
We’re serving up short-range mayhem as all players and maps spawn with Moss-12 and Pistole only. Oh, and NO grenades.

June 25 – 28
Sniper Extermination
Two teams. Dragon Sniper rifles. One life per round. Best of five rounds takes the match win. Absolutely tense, totally tactical.

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