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New Zealand plugs in to the electric vehicle hype

New Zealand is quickly entering the electric car era with more than 3,000 electric vehicles currently registered in New Zealand, according to transport minister Simon Bridges.

“I am delighted with the number of EV registrations we are now seeing. This year there has been 517 EV registrations bringing the total number of EVs in New Zealand to 3005,” he says.

“With nine months to go we are already halfway to achieving our 2017 target.”

New Zealand is ahead of Australia when it comes to electric vehicles with over 1,000 more registrations in 2016. Bridges attributes this to the success of the New Zealand Government’s electric vehicle programme at pushing up purchasing.

New Zealand is also seeing an increased market interest from major electric vehicle manufacturers, with both Hyundai Ioniq and Tesla recently announcing their entry into the country.

An increase in the number of models and quantity of used electric vehicles being brought into New Zealand means that there is more choice at a range of prices for New Zealanders when they decide to switch to an electric vehicle.

Supporting infrastructure and electric vehicle charging stations are always popping up across the country to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. There are around 50 fast chargers available from the top of the country to the bottom, with more coming, which gives drivers of electric vehicles more confidence on longer journeys.

Compared to petrol and diesel cars, electric vehicles produce 80 percent fewer carbon emissions due to New Zealand’s abundant supply of renewable electricity.

“Electric vehicles are the future,” says Bridges.

“A move from petrol and diesel to low emission transport is a natural evolution. We are working hard to encourage this and it’s fantastic to see more and more New Zealanders recognising the benefits of EVs.”

The Government’s Electric Vehicle Programme came to life in May 2016, which introduced a wide range of measures designed to encourage the interest and purchasing of electric vehicles in New Zealand. Their aim is to double the number of electric vehicle registrations in New Zealand each year, with a target of 64,000 by the end of 2021.

For more information on the Government’s Electric Vehicle Programme, click here.

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