FutureFive NZ - News: 1080p iTunes content, AAPL reaches $500, obsolete Macs, and more!

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News: 1080p iTunes content, AAPL reaches $500, obsolete Macs, and more!

There are those who are saying that the iPad 3, with its much higher resolution display, could pave the way for higher-quality iTunes content. This higher-quality iTunes content would probably be in full 1080p, which might eventually lead to a newer model Apple TV in order to cope with the updated resolution. Alternatively, Apple could just go ahead and release the iTV everyone has been talking about with 1080p content simultaneously and make everyone happy. For the first time ever, stocks in Apple, Inc have reached the US $500 mark, with a market cap of of over US $468 billion. This is a huge milestone for Apple, as it represents about $100 worth in growth after the death of Steve Jobs — if that's not an indication of either Apple's continued success as a company or that Tim Cook is doing very well at the helm, then I don't know what is.  


HardMac has published a list of all the outdated Macs as of March 13. Additions to the list of Mac hardware no longer supported by Apple from that date include G5 variants of the Xserve, specific models of 15 and 17-inch PowerBook G4, and others.


Everyone is quick to blame Apple about raising the price of Whitney Houston's catalog on iTunes, but not so fast — it's actually the publishers that set the prices of content in the iTunes Store, meaning that the blame lies solely with Sony Music.


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