News anchor visits Foxconn factory

21 Feb 12

US news anchor Bill Weir has been granted access to the Foxconn factory in China, where devices sold by companies like Sony, Dell, and most famously Apple, are manufactured by workers in grim, gruelling conditions. 

The report, due to air tomorrow afternoon NZ time, is reportedly the result of ‘complete access’ to the factory, with the reporter using a ‘bottom-up’ method to talk with individuals at all levels of the organisation.

"Both Apple and Foxconn reps took us around to a half dozen production lines in Shenzhen and Chengdu, and there were always five to six people with us as we toured the factories and dorms,” Weir writes in a preview article. 

"But aside from suggesting a visit to the counselling centre or canteen, they never steered us to interviews and never interrupted.”

In addition to the news report, the Fair Labour Association (FLA) is to publish a report on the Foxconn factory in March. 

Go here to read Weir’s full preview.

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