News: anti-glare iMac glass, Mac Flashback trojan, MacBook Air SuperDrive with any Mac, and more!

03 Apr 12

If the rumours are true, Apple could be turning away from US-based company Corning in providing the glass for their iOS devices and turning to Taiwanese company, instead. Glass manufacturer G-Tech is said to be increasing production of glass, with the possibility of supplying a kind of anti-glare glass that could be used in an updated iMac. Note that this would still mean the iMac would have a glass screen, as compared to the current glass-less LCD of the anti-glare MacBook Pro. A Mac trojan by the name of Flashback has been updated to exploit an unpatched Java vulnerability, which could mean your system could be compromised without you having to enter a password. This isn't Flashback's first appearance on the Mac, as it previously masqueraded as a fake Adobe Flash installer. Oracle has released a fix for the Java vulnerability in question, but the fix hasn't been deployed to OS X just yet.  


TUAW has a nice tip on using the MacBook Air SuperDrive with any Mac. This tip might come in handy if you've replaced your internal SuperDrive so you can have dual hard drives (or an SSD and HDD combo), for example, and want something portable that you can still use in emergencies. Or perhaps you've damaged your internal drive somehow, and still need optical based media every now and again.


A cool tip from HardMac, who says you can use the Apple TV with pretty much any remote, just as long as you teach your Apple TV the new remote first. 


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