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News: Apple Design Awards, Aperture and iPhoto unified libraries, MagSafe 2, and more!

12 Jun 12

In the afternoon following the main WWDC Keynote, Apple announced the winners of the prestigious Apple Design Awards. Of the winners of the Mac category, two are games: both Deus Ex Human Revolution and Limbo offer pointedly different graphical experiences to be sure, not to mention vastly different gameplay. The third winner is Sketch, an app designed for designers with a nice interface and powerful tools. Apple released updates to a few of their most popular apps because we now have Retina displays on Macs. Aperture was one of the apps to receive such an update. The new Aperture now features a somewhat colour-less UI reminiscent of the Finder, after Apple took all the colour out of the sidebar icons. Apart from that, the new Aperture also features a unified library, meaning that if you also use iPhoto, you'll be able to get access to the same photos as you do from Aperture, or vice versa.  

It's been a few good years since the introduction of MagSafe, but with the introduction of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display Apple has now introduced the second generation of MagSafe power adapters. The new adapter is thinner than the previous version, and curiously, goes back to the old T-style connector, instead of the right-angled connector we now have.

Speaking of WWDC, Apple posted up the video of the event on their website. The Apple Keynotes podcast hasn't been updated at time of writing, but no doubt it'll be available soon.

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