News: Apple patents with magnets, patently false and offensive, Autodesk Inventor Fusion, and more!

30 Jan 12

A new set of patents from Apple reveals what the company could eventually do with magnets, and what a fantastic patent it is (even if it, like most technology described in patents, never sees the light of day in actual products). Magnets could eventually be used to control ferrofluids to provide haptic feedback in keyboards, for example, or even to implement security devices using magnets. The full patent report by Patently Apple is an eye-opening read. Apple CEO Tim Cook has called the New York Times report on Apple's supply chain "patently false and offensive", after the Times asserted that high-level Apple executives turned the other way when faced with issues regarding the treatment and conditions at many of Apple's component supplier factories. If nothing else, Apple cares about their supply chain — as evidenced by the supplier responsibility report they released not too long ago.  


Macworld is over for another year, but not before Autodesk revealed their plans to bring Inventor Fusion to the Mac. Inventor Fusion was previously a product only available to Windows customers — and now, Autodesk says they'll be releasing a tech preview in the next few weeks with the full version to follow not long after.


The Apple Campus is adorned with memorable pictures and quotes of Steve Jobs, in a continued tribute to the man who made Apple the great company it is today.


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