News: Apple Q3 2012 results, Safari 6.0, Carbon Copy Cloner goes paid-for, and more!

26 Jul 12

Now that the excitement over Mountain Lion has calmed down somewhat, we can talk about Apple's Q3 2012 results, which were released on Tuesday. Apple posted record numbers yet again, with US $35 billion in revenue, 26 million iPhones, 17 million iPads, and 4 million Macs sold. All those big numbers mean $11.6 billion in profit, a not-insubstantial number for the Cupertino-based company. There's more analysis and a few notes from the Q&A; session that followed the main conference call over at MacStories. Safari 6.0 was released alongside Mountain Lion yesterday, and the latest version of the inbuilt OS X browser brings a unified location bar that Chrome users would be more than familar with, along with iCloud integration, a few new gestures for switching tabs. But there's more: share sheets have also been included in the latest Safari, and offline articles has been brought to the Reading List. The Next Web says it's faster than ever, thanks to improved JavaScript performance and the latest version of WebKit. Carbon Copy Cloner has long been the staple of OS X users wanting to create a bootable clone of their current install, and now Mike Bombich has decided to make the software paid-for, instead of the donationware it previously was. If you've already donated previously you get a free licence, but otherwise Carbon Copy Cloner is US $29.95 until August 12, and $39.95 after that. A free 30-day trial is available. It's only fitting for Apple to pull Lion from the Mac App Store after they released its successor, and they've now done so. Farewell, Lion, you served us well.


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