FutureFive NZ - News: Apple's design ethos, dual hard drive kit, Apple HQ pictures, and more!

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News: Apple's design ethos, dual hard drive kit, Apple HQ pictures, and more!

Sir Jonathan Ive was interviewed for the Evening Standard, where he talked about Apple's design ethos and answered a few design-related questions. According to the interview, he was absolutely thrilled an completely humbled when he received his knighthood for services to design. One of his more interesting responses also says design isn't necessarily about solving a problem, sometimes it's about being intrigued by an opportunity. IFixit has launched their Dual Hard Drive Kit for mid-2011 iMacs. If you've been following this saga you'll know that Apple use a proprietary thermal sensor which means you can't just replace the drive with standard off-the-shelf parts (at least, not if you want your fans to behave as they ordinarily would). Instead, the kit comes with a custom SATA power cable that includes the thermal sensor part, ensuring your fans work as they would normally.  


There's still discussion about new ways to use the Apple TV, and most of it involves the content providers. The CBS CEO reportedly turned down Steve Jobs over Apple TV subscriptions to protect existing revenue streams, says The Verge.


A photo over at Fortune details how the various floors of the new Apple campus in Cupertino might look, and there's a few more drawings from the architects at the Cupertino.org website.


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