FutureFive NZ - News: enhanced Apple ID security, retina display PCs, Audacity 2.0, and more!

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News: enhanced Apple ID security, retina display PCs, Audacity 2.0, and more!

It used to be not that long ago that an Apple ID was only used for a few, very specific Apple services, with the phrase "Apple ID" all but unused. Now it seems that almost everyone who owns and iPhone, iPad or Mac has an Apple ID for purchasing apps, and consequently, increased account compromises have become prevalent. The good news is, Apple has begun enhancing Apple ID security by asking users to set security questions and answers in case their account is ever compromised — in addition to a secure, unique password, this should help keep Apple ID accounts secure. Intel has laid out a roadmap for retina display PCs. 2013 will apparently be the year when pixel rich displays, like the one first seen on the iPhone 4 become common on desktop and other computers, and Intel are saying high pixel density won't be limited to just mobiles and tablets, with laptops and all-in-one PCs also getting displays with higher pixel densities than currently available.  


Open source Mac audio editing app Audacity has been updated to version 2.0, bringing improved audio effects and expanded support for plugins, among other features. Also included in this release is improved track management, a new device toolbar, and automatic crash recovery.


TUAW has a poll based around the demise of the Mac Pro. They pose the question: if Apple were to remove the Mac Pro from the lineup, what would replace it?


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