FutureFive NZ - News: Final Cut Pro X update, ZFS on the Mac, scanning to the cloud, and more!

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News: Final Cut Pro X update, ZFS on the Mac, scanning to the cloud, and more!

Apple has released a significant update to Final Cut Pro X that adds a few features in order to play catch up with some of the features requested by video pros. The second update brings the version number up to 10.0.3, but I wouldn't be fooled — the new version adds multicam editing capabilities, advanced chroma keying, and improved XML support for greater compatibility with third party plugins. Some video pros are still saying it's "too little, too late" from Apple, but if nothing else, adding such significant features means that Apple is at least trying to do the right thing. ZFS support was slated to become a very cool new feature in Snow Leopard, but that didn't happen. Thanks to Apple's former chief ZFS architect, though, you can now use ZFS on Lion with his company's app, called ZEVO. ZEVO brings the technology of the ZFS filesystem to your Mac in a way that's entirely Mac-like; it's extremely easy to use.


Proprietors of scanners had their heads in the cloud as evidenced by their scanners which all feature some kind of cloud integration. The scanners by Neat Company, Apparent and Amblr were all portable models that all interacted with the cloud.

The newly-released AirPort Utility brings a few new interfaces, but that's not counting what functionality was removed. TUAW has a nice pictorial comparison of what features were removed in AirPort Utility 6; thankfully, Apple still allow you to download version 5.6 from their website.


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