News: Flashback numbers update, Valve-Apple meeting never happened, Path Finder 6, and more!

22 Apr 12

A new report has been unveiled which describes how 650,000 Macs are still infected with the Flashback trojan, contrary to the 140,000 number reported by Symantec just last week. Dr Web, the original discoverer of the Flashback trojan,  has revealed their analysis of the infection — and while their report says the overall number of infected machines has declined ever since Apple released their tools and updates to patch the Java vulnerability, there are still quite a number of Macs infected, with new Macs also being infected despite Apple's updates. Valve has spoken out on account of the reported meeting between Valve Executives and Tim Cook never happening, according to Valve CEO Gabe Newell. Newell was interviewed in a recent podcast, where he revealed that no meeting between gaming giants Valve and consumer technology specialist Apple never happened. Newell did express a want to see Apple do more things with games, though.  


Path Finder 6 has been released, and the tool that allows you to access your files in one of the most comprehensive ways possible is even better than before. Path Finder 6 s packed with loads of features, and version 6 improves on almost every aspect — there's a free trial available on the Cocoatech website, too.


Detective is a new Mac app that helps you keep track of new Twitter followers. It notifies you when someone follows you, unfollows you, and there's a few good features in the pipeline such as multiple account support and favourite notifications. MacStories has a more detailed review.


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