News: German iCloud push email, 2012 Final Cut updates, OS X security threats so far, and more!

16 Apr 12

Apple has lost a court appeal in Germany relating to iCloud patent infringement and have now been ordered to pay Motorola Mobility damages, although the exact figure for said damages is currently unknown. What this means is that iCloud users in Germany will no longer have access to push email with the iCloud/MobileMe email service for the foreseeable future, although the limitation is only on iOS devices — Macs and other compatible products are unaffected. In an unprecedented move, Apple has shared plans for a major Final Cut Pro X update this year which includes features such as multichannel audio editing, dual viewers, as well as support for the RED camera and more. The supposed changes are due to a meeting with video consultant and trainer Larry Jordan, who shared a few details of the forthcoming update.  


With Flashback now all but behind us, Ars Technica has a look at some of the other security threats that have afflicted OS X in recent times. While there's nowhere near as many threats for the Mac as there are for PCs, the question has to be asked: are we now entering a time where OS X users are now targeted?


Apple has seeded a new OS X Lion update to developers, and 10.7.4 build 11E46 contains no known issues and is now available from the Mac dev centre.


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