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News: iPanel rumours, LaCie Hub now shipping, Camera RAW update, and more!

08 Apr 12

The long and oft-rumoured Apple TV set now has a name, with Apple Insider pegging it as the iPanel. Rumour has it the iPanel will be far more than a TV, and is expected to launch sometime in 2012. The name iPanel was chosen over iTV, as iTV limits what the device can actually do — suggesting that the device will not just be for movies and TV like the current Apple TV, but also for a whole host of other features. The LaCie Hub is now shipping, allowing you to connect two external hard drives via Thunderbolt to your Mac. However, there's one catch: the external drives must be using eSATA, a connection standard faster than FireWire 800 but mostly found only on PC-compatible hard drives, seeing as eSATA has never been a standard connection on the Mac.  

Apple has posted a Digital Camera RAW compatibility update, meaning that you can now use iPhoto and Aperture 3 with RAW files from the Canon 5D mark III. The update comes ahead of Adobe's own update to Lightroom 4 for the same camera, although there is a release candidate available.

Layer Cake is a new Mac app that means you can save your images for the web in a much easier way than you've previously done. It extracts the layers from Photoshop documents and saves them in the appropriate format, and is bound to make any web developer happy.