FutureFive NZ - News: iTunes in 1080p, iWork.com to shut down, Lion-compatible Quicken, and more!

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News: iTunes in 1080p, iWork.com to shut down, Lion-compatible Quicken, and more!

ITunes now offers content in 1080p, and for those of you that have smaller download limits but enjoy the higher quality, there's good news. Ars Technica says that while there's more than twice as many pixels in the 1080p versions compared to 720p, file sizes are usually only 1.5 times the size of 720p. How? It's all to do with clever compression tricks that H.264 employs, giving you better quality without significantly upping file sizes. Apple announced that they will shut down the iWork.com public beta on July 31. For a service that didn't see much attention outside of the initial launch and integration into the iWork suite of apps on the Mac, it doesn't look like it will be any huge loss — but admittedly, the public sharing features were somewhat useful. It seems, then, that Apple just aren't going that direction, instead recommending customers switch to iCloud for their document sharing needs.  


Quicken users will be happy to know Intuit has released a Lion-compatible version of Quicken 2007 for the Mac. New customers are encouraged to use Quicken Essentials released in 2010, but for those that need the full software then at least the previously Rosetta-based Quicken 2007 will work on Lion.


MacStories has a look at Favs, an app which lets you look at your favourites on the internet. There's so many ways to favourite or like things on the internet these days, and it's hard to track them all down — Favs aims to solve that problem.


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