News: Lion's auto-save, Tim Cook in China, Baldur's Gate coming to the Mac, and more!

01 Apr 12

Pierre Igot talks about Lion's auto save on his blog, and how it breaks existing document-saving paradigms. While he says there's nothing wrong with the idea of preventing loss of data, he says that the "Duplicate" option introduced as a direct replacement for the "Save As..." action that used to exist before is just not good enough. Specifically, he mentions how it breaks certain apps, including Apple's own iWork suite. Tim Cook visited China recently to talk with Chinese officials, and there are official photos to prove it. As it turns out, he also stopped at two Apple stores, had a meet and greet with the mayor of Beijing, and visited the offices of a few Chinese telecommunications companies. In the photos, you see him shaking hands with Chinese officials and wearing all-yellow during one of his visits to a Chinese factory.


News broke that Baldur's Gate was coming to iOS devices, and not soon after, the same company also announced it would be bringing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition to the Mac, due to be available later this year in the Mac App Store.

There's a hilarious article on TechNewsWorld that attempts to explain why Meg Whitman is better for HP than Tim Cook is for Apple. Read it with a grain of salt.


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