News: MacBook Air with Windows 7, VLC 2.0 for mac, Steve Jobs wins posthumous Grammy, and more!

13 Feb 12

The Verge takes a look at the MacBook Air, but unlike any other MacBook Air you've seen reviewed. It's their review of the MacBook Air with Windows 7 to answer the question of whether the MacBook Air is the best ultrabook you can buy. Joanna Stern says that Apple is never going to make the best Windows 7 machine, but does putting Windows 7 on a MacBook Air make it the best ultrabook? Read their review to find out. VLC will be updated to 2.0 sometime later this week, and lead developer of the OS X port of the VLC has posted a few screenshots as to what version two will look like. Not only will the new version sport an all-new, all-in-one integrated interface combining media information and the viewer, but 2.0 is also a step up in terms of functionality. It's a major re-write of one of the most capable media players on OS X, and brings new features such as performance optimisations for Lion, as well as Blu-Ray playback.

Steve Jobs has won a posthumous Grammy Trustees Award, which was accepted on his behalf by Apple VP Eddy Cue. The Grammy Trustees Award is given to those "individuals who, during their careers in music, have made significant contributions, other than performance, to the field of recording".

Stephen Hackett has written about Apple's "tick-tock" cycle, where he describes how Apple introduces a new product, then goes on to refine it over several iterations. It's something the rest of the tech industry has now adopted, too.


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