25 Jun 2012
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News: MacBook Pro Retina review, the next Mac desktops, TextExpander 4, and more!

By Benny Ling

Anantech has undoubtedly the most comprehensive review of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display you can read. Yes, it might not be as repairable or like any other Mac portable to date — with perhaps only the MacBook Air as an exception — but as much as the new MacBook represents a step forward, both in terms of appliance computing and the best screen ever included in a laptop, it's also a damn fine laptop to boot. Marco Arment has a go at predicting what, as well as when, the next Mac desktops will eventuate. His sources include Intel's roadmaps for upcoming processors, as well as a few facts we already know: for example, Tim Cook has already confirmed that Apple will be releasing something for Pro users in 2013, and Apple PR has also said things about new iMacs this year. TextExpander 4 has been released, but not in the Mac App Store. Version 4 represents a departure from the Mac App Store because of the new sandboxing policies that were enforced starting June 1, and to date, TextExpander is the most well-known app to suffer an exclusion from the Mac App Store. Over at the New York Times, there's a longish article on the inner workings of Apple retail operations, including a few eye-opening numbers on employees, pay rates, and everything else imaginable.

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