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News: Mountain Lion changes, second data center, Mastered for iTunes, and more!

23 Feb 12

Mountain Lion brings a few new changes to OS X as we know it, and while most of the headlining features are features that have come across from iOS such as Reminders and Messages, there are a few things that we haven't seen before (but will undoubtedly be the way going forward). I'm talking about features like sharing everywhere, a more intelligent Time Machine, and hey, even little Dashboard improvements. Apple has confirmed they will be building a second data center in Oregon, right alongside a data center owned by Facebook. TUAW speculates the new data center will be used for massive amounts of App Store traffic (both Mac and iOS), as well as expanding their current suite of iCloud, iMessage, and whatever other services Apple has up their sleeves for 2012 and beyond.  


Ars has a feature on a new section on the iTunes Store labelled "Mastered for iTunes", where music labels detail how they prepare music for sale in the digital age. The article even has a little about the compressed music saga, if you're into that sort of thing.


The American Broadcasting Corporation has put up their Nightline special onto their exclusive trip into the Chinese factories that manufacture Apple products. As far as I can tell the video is only available to Americans, but it's a good read.