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News: Mountain Lion toolbars, Mac EFI updates, iCal's 14 day week, and more!

26 Feb 12

AppleInsider has a story on what Mountain Lion will bring to the table regarding updated toolbars in apps like Preview, among others. They say toolbars in Mountain Lion will be less customisable than their counterparts in Lion or Snow Leopard before it, and yet at the same time more relevant to the user. For example, Preview now has context-sensitive buttons in the toolbar depending on what type of file is open. Quite a few EFI updates were released over the weekend, and if your Mac was released in Early, Mid, or Late 2011, you might want to be going to Software Update. The EFI update improves the reliability of booting from the network, among other fixes.  


Macgasm has a very nice tip about iCal, where a quick one-liner in Terminal enables a secret Debug menu which opens up a whole host of other options, including a 14-day week view (or 21, or 28 days, if you're so inclined).


Last Friday also marked Steve Jobs' birthday. He would have been 57, and Apple fans celebrated at the Fifth Avenue store in New York in his memory.