FutureFive NZ - News: new Mac spec sheet, Macs in the enterprise, Found for Mac, and more!

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News: new Mac spec sheet, Macs in the enterprise, Found for Mac, and more!

New Macs have been rumoured to be launched at WWDC, and less than a week out from the event sees a leaked spec sheet of upcoming Macs and a few peripherals. The spec sheet doesn't actually list the specs of new Macs, but it does reveal model numbers, names, and prices — all plausible values for future Macs. Note that the spec sheet also lists prices in Australian dollars — read into that what you will. An analyst from Garner says Macs are breaking the Windows stronghold on the enterprise market, due in part to the popularity of tablet computers. The tables are going to turn around anytime soon, but instead of outright refusing Macs in the workplace, more and more workplaces are now embracing them. While some workplaces are still limiting Macs, their continued acceptance — however begrudgingly — means that eventually, maybe we'll see enterprise environments which openly embrace Macs.  


The Verge has a hands-on with Found for Mac, a search tool for your app along the same lines of Spotlight. But it has a few differences from the search tool built into your Mac, and that's the fact that it also searches Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.


The MacUpdate June 2012 bundle has Parallels 7, BusyCal, and more great Mac apps for the low price of US $49.95.


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