20 May 2012
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News: retina MacBook costs, Apple confirms sandboxing deadline, OWC Accelsior SSD review, and more!

By Benny Ling

It's estimated that the current LCD panel in any model MacBook currently costs Apple around US $68 per machine. But with retina displays on the horizon for MacBooks in the future, that cost is estimated to go way, way up — up in the vicinity of around US $130, if analysts are to be believed. The only question that remains is: will Apple pass that cost onto consumers in the next revision of MacBooks that include retina displays, or will it simply be absorbed by the company?

Apple has confirmed it will be enforcing the Mac App Store sandboxing policy come June 1. Apple has delayed the sandboxing requirement in the past — twice, in fact — but in an email sent out to Mac developers just a few days ago, Apple confirmed that Mac App Store sandboxing would be taking place as planned on June 1. A few apps, Pixelmator included, have already been updated, but other apps should be following suit very soon.  Macworld has a review of the

OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD upgrade for the Mac Pro, and they find that it's an impressive piece of hardware, boasting speeds much greater than that of its SATA counterparts.

Windownaut for the Mac is a window management tool that makes it easy to setup the window configurations that you want. You can snap windows by dragging them to various screen edges, and more — Mac AppStorm has the full review.

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