News: Safari 5.2 in Mountain Lion, subscription TV, Lightroom 4, and more!

06 Mar 12

Safari 5.2 in Mountain Lion is due to see some impressive improvements, most notably of which is a combined address and search bar. The combined address and search bar brings Safari onto par with other browsers such as Chrome, who have had the bar since early versions, and is a welcome update for the default Mac browser. Safari 5.2 also brings the iOS-style tweet sheet onto the desktop, and the best part is, there's a beta of 5.2 ready for you to try even if you're currently running Lion on your Mac. There are reports saying Apple has been in discussion with content providers for some time now, who apparently are playing hard-ball with regards to some kind of subscription TV service Apple may or may not offer in the future, alongside an updated Apple TV and/or the fabled iTV. With all the pressure surrounding content providers to play Apple's game, it'll be interesting to see if they relent and allow Apple to revolutionise TV like it did for the music industry.  


Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 4, an update to the piece of software that should be in every photographer's toolbox — provided they're not already using Aperture, that is. Lightroom 4 adds two new notable modules: a map module for inbuilt GPS metadata, and a book module for creating printed photobooks.


Apple has released what they're calling 10.7.3 supplemental update, which fixes an issue with restoring Time Machine backups.


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