FutureFive NZ - News: Safari in 3D, intelligent address book, Mac OS X processes, and more!

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News: Safari in 3D, intelligent address book, Mac OS X processes, and more!

Patently Apple has quite an in-depth read on what a 3D-enabled Safari might look like, and how it might work. As it turns out, Apple has been filing patents on something called "Safari 3D" for a while now, and they all point to some kind of Safari implementation where users can stack bookmarks, emails, documents, and other apps in a 3D representation. A 3D GUI means a new method of interaction, and Apple has seemingly patented all the right concepts: rotating UIs, presenting and browsing items in a 3D space, and so on. Cobook has been branded the intelligent address book app for the Mac, and you'll be very pleased to know it has finally been made available. It makes managing your address book incredibly easy and fast, and it is exactly to Address Book  what Fantastical is to iCal. It's currently free in the Mac App Store.  

There's an incredibly handy website which tells you what different processes are on your Mac. It works by having you upload a file of all your own processes, then giving you back the descriptions of all the processes on your Mac. Alternatively, you can also browse the list of all the currently-known processes.

Because We May is a huge sale for all kinds of games, across all kinds of platforms, either directly from the developers, or from services such as Steam.

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