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News: Thunderbolt from CES, Blackbox Bamboo, enabling TRIM in Lion, and more!

09 Jan 12

The Consumer Electronics Show for 2012 is now well underway, and a plethora of new products are being released all over the place from every consumer electronics brand you've ever heard of. The real news is that Thunderbolt docks and hubs are finally starting to make an appearance, with the likes of Belkin, Lacie, and even Lenovo laptops featuring the newest connection standard. 9 to 5 Mac has more coverage. The Blackbox bamboo case is a very stylish case for your MacBook Air that is, like its name suggests, made out of natural bamboo. GigaOM had a chance to take a look at the case, and said that was well-suited to harsh treatment, and best of all, the case itself even comes in a version made specifically for the iPad 2.  

Lion is somewhat notorious for only enabling TRIM with Apple-provided SSDs, but if you've installed a third-party SSD there's a way to enable TRIM on that courtesy of the TRIM Enabler for Lion. As usual, make a backup before you go messing with any critical system files.

A smart little article from Macworld teaches you the basics of Services in OS X. What are services? What can they do for you, and how do they work? Macworld has all the answers.