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News: Thunderbolt products at CES, Lightroom 4 beta, OWC MacBook Air SSD upgrade, and more!

11 Jan 12

The Mac lineup has been equipped with Thunderbolt for about a year now, and we're finally starting to see Thunderbolt products. Many of these Thunderbolt products aimed at consumers (as opposed to professional video editors or those with incredible storage needs) are coming out of CES, where companies like Elgato, LaCie, and OCZ have unveiled storage options that all feature Thunderbolt; particularly interesting is Elgato, who are probably more well-known for the TV tuning products. A Lightroom 4 beta has been unveiled by Adobe, who have also made it available for the public at no cost. The free public beta for Lightroom 4 runs until sometime in "early 2012", when the full version will be released. Changes include a slew of new editing tools, support for GPS locations in photos, as well as soft-proofing and the ability to create photobooks — all features Aperture has had for a while now.

OWC has released a storage upgrade for the MacBook Air in the form of a 6Gbps SSD that reportedly boosts the speed of the drive by over three times factory-installed SSDs. The new OWC drives come in 120GB and 240GB capacities, and come in at $350 and $600 price points, respectively.

Also from CES are the Henge Docks, this time for the MacBook Air. It's pretty much the same thing you've already seen for the MacBook Pro, just designed for the MacBook Air, instead.