FutureFive NZ - News: Tim Cook at D10, new Apple TV OS, Apple's anodisation, and more!

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News: Tim Cook at D10, new Apple TV OS, Apple's anodisation, and more!

Tim Cook took the stage at AllThingsDigital's D10 conference just yesterday, and in his interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg he had quite a few interesting things to say. For example, he mentioned that Apple would be doubling down of product secrecy, while declining to mention what the company would be announcing at this year's WWDC. He also noted that the Apple TV is a very successful unit, with 2.7 million sales this year. Boy Genius have an exclusive on the new TV OS from Apple, reportedly set to debut next week at WWDC. They say the new Apple TV OS will be much more feature-complete than the current one that runs on Apple TVs today, and will also be the OS running on the oft-rumoured Apple television. It's rumoured that the new Apple TV OS will feature a ambitious "control out" API, allowing users to control any peripherals connected to the Apple TV.  

There's a good video explaining the process of anodised aluminium, the process Apple uses on a frequent basis to colour devices and add an extra layer of protection. The anodisation process explains why it's so difficult to re-colour aluminium iPods, for example.

Logitech has unveiled a new Bluetooth keyboard that is powered by solar energy. They've done something similar before, but this time the keyboard has the ability pair with three different devices simultaneously.

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