FutureFive NZ - News:Tim Cook's Apple, Coda 2 from Panic, creating whole-disk images, and more!

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News:Tim Cook's Apple, Coda 2 from Panic, creating whole-disk images, and more!

Fortune has profiled Tim Cook and how he's changing Apple as we know it. Fortune's Adam Lashinsky says that Cook has instigated "subtle but significant changes" at Apple, "leaving an indelible mark on Apple and its corporate culture." The report also reveals how Steve Jobs downplayed the labor issues in China, whereas Tim Cook was one to visit the factories and meet workers. Make no mistake: Apple is changing, and we have Tim Cook to thank for it. Panic's Coda 2 has been released, and Macworld says it's a dramatic improvement over what was already very good software in their review. Coda 2 is for working with HTML+CSS, and it's currently one of the best software tools for doing so. There are improvements such as the upgraded code editor, a new sidebar panel, and a new way of file navigation using thumbnails.  


There are various reasons why you would want to create an image of an entire hard drive, but whatever the reason, OS X Daily points out an easy way to do so using Carbon Copy Cloner. Their method includes step-by-step instructions, should you ver need to back up absolutely everything on your Mac or other hard drive.


HardMac reports a petition has been started by Mac Pro owners, calling on Apple to update the Mac Pro lineup. From what I can tell it's just a Facebook page detailing people needing a new Mac Pro, but maybe this will make Apple listen.


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