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Next generation iPads could have video chat

Commands spotted in an Apple developer’s kit may hint at what future versions of the iPad might have: a front-facing camera and video chat capabilities. 

The evidence was spotted in the iPhone 3.2 Software Development Kit (SDK) by 9to5Mac. The site found icons labeled “Accept Video” and “DeclineOrEndVideo” in addition to references to iChat. 

There are also references to video chatting hidden in the strings of telephony code. The images of the code and icons in the SDK can be seen at 9to5Mac

Along with earlier rumours that the iPad built has an empty space for an iSight camera, video chat capabilities in future iPad or iPhone devices seem likely.

But some bloggers pointed out that nobody knows whether the SDK clues are intended for the iPad or iPhone. And because conditions were included in the SDK doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll show up in the next generation of Apple devices. 

While it isn’t certain whether a front-facing camera will appear in future versions of the iPad, MacRumours.com said that the size of the video chat icons in the SDK indicate that they were meant for the device. 

Many analysts saw the absence of a camera in the iPad as peculiar and some said that the release of the iPad was rushed and didn’t include everything that Apple wanted in the device, including a camera for video functions. 

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