Next iPhone could include multitasking

13 Mar 10

Long absent from the device, iPhone users might finally get the ability to run more than one app at a time, with rumours flying that the next iPhone will include multitasking abilities. 
Due out in a few months, the next version of the iPhone is said to deliver multitasking support. AppleInsider reports that the multitasking solution will use interface technology already present in its Mac OS X operating system. The current iPhone software allows limited multitasking, but restricts apps from running in the background. 

The ability to multitask is one of the most requested features for the iPhone and it has often been rumoured to appear before various iPhone releases. But as Android market share continues to grow, it seems likely that the iPhone will finally get multitasking support to stay sharp in the market. 
The rumoured support will allow several third party apps to run at once, though details are not known about how they would appear in the iPhone display. 

The device is certainly capable of multitasking, as jailbroken iPhone users can attest, but the functionality has been reduced due to a number of concerns ranging from battery life to security risks. But if Apple continues to ignore multitasking requests it risks lagging behind other phone operating systems such as Android, which continues to grow in market share. 

And given that the iPhone OS is the same that is used for the iPad, multitasking on the iPhone would almost certainly mean multitasking for the iPad, where the lack has been bemoaned by users as a deal breaker for many people wanting to buy the device. 

Image via Talk iPhone.

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