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Next iPhone OS revealed April 8th

Apple has announced that it will be revealing the iPhone 4.0 operating system (OS) later this week, though the iPhone itself won't be released until June or July.

Apple sent out an invitation to members of the media inviting them “for a sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software” on April 8th.

Excited speculation abounds as everyone attempts to guess what the next OS will include, but most think it will likely include some sort of multitasking abilities in addition to video chat capabilities. MacGuide previously reported that the next iPhone could be called the HD and also feature a double resolution display, universal mailbox and custom Apple processor.

Though it seems an uncharacteristic move for Apple to release something so soon after the iPad launch, the company has followed the same timeline with previous iPhone releases by revealing the OS months before the actual device is available for purchase. This gives developers a chance to play around with the new features and develop apps that better utilise the new OS.

And on the heels of the iPad launch, this could mean good news for iPad owners as the device runs on the same OS as the iPhone. Critics have long bemoaned the lack of multitasking on the iPad, but if the iPhone 4.0 OS gets the ability, there’s no doubt that the iPad won’t be far behind.

Invite image via Gizmodo.

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