Next iPhone to get range of new features

01 Apr 10

More leaks seem to indicate that a new iPhone could be coming in June or July sporting a whole new range of features, including multitasking and an HD display.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to free its US iPhone from its exclusive AT&T coverage, and add a range of new features.

The next iPhone will have a faster processor and is likely to be thinner, and Apple Insider reports there’s new reason to believe that the next iPhone will have a 960x640 double resolution display, a custom Apple processor, a front-facing camera and multitouch. MacGuide previously reported on rumours that the next- generation iPhone will have multitasking and a universal mailbox.

And according to tips received by Engadget, the new iPhone could launch on June 22nd and be known as the iPhone HD. Apple has reportedly played around with the name before in regards to videos on the iPhone.

If the rumours of new features are true, the iPhone will be fierce competition for Android devices, which are slowly creeping up on Apple’s market share. And once Apple opens up the iPhone to multiple carriers in the US, it will suddenly have millions of potential buyers who wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to switch networks.

Apple’s focus lately seems to be on mobile devices, and the company will likely continue to innovate in order to maintain its position as a relevant player in the smartphone arena.

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