FutureFive NZ - Nielsen: 109,000 NZers own multiple consoles

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Nielsen: 109,000 NZers own multiple consoles

Nielsen Media Research has revealed that not only do more than 1.5 million New Zealanders aged 10+ have a current-gen gaming console in their households, 109,000 of them have two or more.

In issue five of Nielsen's newsletter Medialink the company contends that twice as many New Zealanders aged 10+ have a game console in their household in Q1 2010 as they did in Q3 2009. Similarly, a substantial increase took place in the number of New Zealanders aged 10+ that own at least two of the current consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo: from 33,000 in Q3 2009 to 109,000 in Q1 2010.

"The increase in the number of gaming console brands in New Zealand homes is not only due to New Zealanders upgrading to newer ones, but also to New Zealanders wanting to have more than one brand of the more recent gaming consoles," reads the report in Medialink. "Gaming consoles are on the same path as TVs: owning just one is no longer enough."

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