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Nintendo 3DS smashes sales with popular game

What Nintendo 3DS game has been sold more than 2.8 million times around the world in just a matter of days? None other than Super Smash Bros. This game, which is the first portable entry in the famous series, has catapulted into popularity around the world, particularly in New Zealand, Australia, the Americas and Europe.

It's a game that goes way back. The original Super Smash Bros. was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. It was only set to be released in Japan but after significant success, was made available to other countries and quickly gained traction around the world.

In 2001, Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube came out and was well received.  It took another seven years for the third instalment to be released, but in 2008, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was available for the public. Eagerly awaited, the game continues to be popular with people from Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

The release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was on October 4th and the game will be available for Wii U on December 6th. This notable development is set to boost sales throughout the Christmas season.

Those who grew up playing Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube system and want a hit of nostalgia can purchase the GameCube Controller Adapter for the Wii U.

On November 29th, a week prior to the Wii U launch, the first round of the interactive amiibo characters will be released, and on December 12th six more will be available. The first round is made up of 12 iconic Nintendo characters including Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu and Link. The amiibo characters interact with certain games with NFC technology to take gameplay to the next level.