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Nintendo Australia teases next "Mario Kart Wii commercial"

04 Apr 11

Game Console has just received a media release from Nintendo Australia that calls for Australian fans to appear in the next Mario Kart Wii TV commercial.

The opportunity is, unfortunately, only open to those in Australia, specifically Sydney and Melbourne, between April 9th and 17th. Filming will take place at EB Games branches at 67 Swanston Street in Melbourne and 76-81 Bay Street, Ultimo in Sydney.

It's curious, though, as to why Nintendo has decided to produce a commercial for Mario Kart Wii at this stage in its lifetime; the Wii title originally released back in April 2008 and has sold in excess of 26.5 million copies as of January this year. Is this commercial in aid of some other, special promotion, perhaps? We'll watch this development with interest.

UPDATE - 1.36pm: Nintendo Australia has promptly responded to an inquiry from Game Console. "Mario Kart Wii is one of our most popular and loved games for Wii," said Heather Murphy, Nintendo's public relations manager for Australia and New Zealand. "It continues to sell really well and, as such, we are always keen to promote it in any way. You will notice for titles that are real staples for us, we do lots of activities around them, even well past launch."