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Nintendo Switch price and release date confirmed for Australia and NZ
Sat, 14th Jan 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Some release date and local pricing details have been revealed for the Nintendo Switch for gamers living in Australia and New Zealand.  As always, video game products are always more expensive in Australia and New Zealand compared to the USA.

Anyway, the good news is that the new console will be out on March 3rd, 2017 in both countries. Another piece of good news is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is confirmed to be a launch title.

It's by far the best Switch video game available at launch day. Some other launch titles are Just Dance 2017, 1-2 Switch and more.  The newly announced Super Mario Odyssey won't be out until Holiday 2017 while a new version of Mario Kart 8 is released in April. Other future releases include Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, NBA 2K18 and loads more.  The price of the Nintendo Switch is where things get a bit fuzzy for us living in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, the cost of the console is $469.95 AUD as listed by EB Games AU.

In New Zealand, the price is even higher at $549.00 NZD as listed by EB Games NZ.  It's worth mentioning you can only pre-order one console per customer. No games come with the console as bundles have yet to be announced. You have to buy games separately. The console does come with usual things such as HDMI cable, AC Adapter, a controller and the console itself. You can play the Nintendo Switch both at home or on-the-go.

While in portable mode, the battery life lasts between 2.5 to 6 hours long. The portable screen is 6.2 inches big and outputs at 720p. Playing at home it can output images of up to 1080p. No other specs about the console were shared yet. We just know it has 32GB of internal memory although you can expand this via memory cards. Games will come on small cartridges.