FutureFive NZ - No fix for Blue light of Death on PS4

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No fix for Blue light of Death on PS4

The guys at Sony might be busy patting themselves on the back after news that they have sold over 1 million units across North America, but not all news is good news for the tech giant.

A number of frustrated PlayStation 4 owners have taken to YouTube to showcase their non-working units that all seem to suffer from the same issue – the aptly named blue light of death.

The problem seems to be spreading as gamers have taken to Twitter and writing less than favourable reviews on amazon.com.

Sony are yet to officially comment on the situation a link on the forum has been set up to address the issue, although it does not guarantee a fix for owners at this stage.

Basically the issue seems to arise from the affected PS4’s not sending a signal to the connected TV. The light should pulse blue and then turn white to show the connection but for these poor users the light remains constantly blue.

According to Kotaku the reviews of the PS4 on amazon.com which contains over 600 five star reviews, has been dragged down by the addition of over 400 one star reviews.

Check out some poor PS4 owners issues in the videos below.

Will you be purchasing a PS4 on release? Or is this incident enough to put you off? Tell us your thoughts below.

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